Tricycle Jousting Should Be Mandatory in Every NHL Arena

What a time it must have been at the Sabres—Golden Knights game this weekend. Not only did you have Dana B. and the Zillion Beers crew in the building, there was apparently the greatest intermission entertainment of all-time.

Outside of the pig races at this year's Winter Classic in Dallas, this is the best intermission show I've ever seen.

And since it's not particularly feasible to race pigs indoors on the ice rink, I move to make tricycle jousting mandatory in at least 20 of 41 home games for each team in the NHL. Other than the games between little kids, there's generally nothing worthwhile during intermission. And with what it costs to go to games these days — Boomer alert — I deserve to be entertained every second I'm in that $150 seat.

As a matter of fact, just make the intermissions fans doing things on ice. I don't even care what it is. Have them put on the gear and fight, do races from goal line to goal line with people who can't skate, etc. I'm no short on ideas. And then cap it off with a good, old-fashioned tricycle joust.

Every team in the league could take some notes from Vegas on in-game presentation. Those folks do it right.