And The Next Bachelorette Is.......Clare Crawley!

And there it is. Clare Crawley is the next Bachelorette. Rumors started to circulate over the weekend that it was gonna be Clare and it was confirmed this morning on Good Morning America. For those that don't know, Clare first appeared on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor where she got 2nd place and then appeared on the first two season of Bachelor In Paradise. Clare will turn 39 during the filming of the show so you'd have to guess that the cast is gonna be significantly older than recent seasons. The positive of that is that Clare and her crop of guys are likely gonna be  motivated to actually find love as opposed to a Bachelorette in their mid-to-late 20s. The negative side of that is that young contestants usual equals more drama (Peter's season is a fantastic example) so we'll see.

Full disclosure, Clare was not my first choice. Or second choice. Or third choice. I didn't watch Juan Pablo's season so I'm not as familiar with Clare as I would've been had they picked someone from a more recent season. Like I said Clare was on the first two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise so I remembered her from those but that's it. I was hoping they'd pick Tayshia from Colton's season or Tia from Arie's season or maybe even Kelsey from this season. Picking someone from an older season (and this happened when Arie was announced as Bachelor) opens the door for newer fans of the show be like, "Who?" and that's not ideal.

With all that said, I will absolutely be watching Clare's season of The Bachelorette because I love the show unconditionally. That's just the way it is.