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Mike Trout May Have Accidentally Just Started Intergalactic Warfare By Launching This Ball Into Deep Space

Believable. Extremely believable. Man paid to hit moving balls obliterates the shit out of one sitting perfectly still. Out of all the things I've ever seen on the world wide web this one ranks right near the top of the least surprising. But sometimes that still does it for me. I don't need every video to have crazy twists and turns that I never saw coming. Zion dunking a basketball? I'll enjoy that no problem. Patrick Mahomes throwing a touchdown? Keep 'em coming. Mike Trout depositing a ball over a fence or wall or large netting several hundred yards away? It's never something any of us have ever seen live, unlike my first two examples, so of course I'm going to click play. How else would I know this is an actual alive human being and not a lie perpetrated by the media without combing through the video evidence such as this? The more videos of Mike Trout jettisoning balls into orbit the better, I'm not afraid to say that.