Does This Look Like the Face Of A Prostitute Busted At the Tewksbury Public Library?





TEWKSBURY, Mass. A Nashua, New Hampshire, woman was charged with offering to perform sex acts at the Tewksbury Public Library on Tuesday, police said. Brittany Macintyre, 20, was arrested after she allegedly offered her services as a prostitute to an undercover detective who had been alerted by a library patron. In a twist to the usual prostitution arrest, Macintyre and the police officer exchanged written notes as they negotiated the transaction, perhaps to maintain the silence required in most libraries.”Notes were exchanged back and forth until Macintyre requested $60 for a sexual act,” Tewksbury Police Chief Timothy Sheehan said.


So we just left Mark Cuban’s office in Dallas. (Hardooooooo) We pitched him a million ideas. I’m talking real ideas, fake ideas, ideas that already exist, impossible ideas etc. I thought we pitched him everything, but right now I feel like an absolute loser. I can’t believe I didn’t pitch him this idea. Whores in public libraries is a no brainer. I mean everybody knows public libraries are dying. After all who reads books nowadays? Nobody and suckers that’s who. Well what better way to save this American institution than having hookers lurking in between the shelves. Suddenly library cards will be flying off the shelves. Read a couple chapters of a Ronald Dahl Big Friendly Giant and then get your dick sucked afterwards. Where do I back up the Brinks truck?


PS – How about this whore? Not bad. Not bad at all. I’d give her a hooker 9 and a real world 6. I was expecting far worse for 60 bucks.  How can you say no for that price?  A deal is a deal.  I bet Bookman would approve.