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Guy Who Was Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison In 2002 Walks Free Because Of a Clerical Error

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KFVS - A judge decided a man convicted of robbery in 2000, but never sent to prison due to a clerical error will not have to go to prison for the crime. A judge decided that Cornealious “Mike” Anderson should be immediately released during a hearing on Monday. The St. Louis County man was convicted of robbery in 2002 and sentenced to 13 years in prison. He was never sent to prison due to a Missouri Department of Corrections clerical error. When the error was caught last year, he was imprisoned, despite leading a crime-free life in the intervening years, when he married, started his own businesses and coached youth football. Mississippi County Associate Circuit Judge Terry Lynn Brown said he carefully weighed all the arguments and said keeping Anderson in prison for a full 13 years would serve no purpose. He said the life Anderson has led as a husband, businessman, and community volunteer shows he is a good and changed man. “You’re a free man,” Judge Brown said and told Anderson to go back to his family. Judge Brown ordered Anderson freed from the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, Missouri. He has been there since July 2013. “I thank the public, thank you, I can cut my hair, get all this off my face,” Anderson said pointing to his beard. “He’s going to have the best night’s sleep he’ll ever had in his own bed,” said Patrick Megaro, Anderson’s attorney. “Tomorrow morning, he’s going to wake up and taste freedom.” Anderson’s family erupted in tears. His wife, Laqonna Anderson, said was jumping for joy. Anderson and his wife have four children. An online petition on includes more than 35,000 signatures urging the state to set Anderson free. According to Anderson’s attorney, this is the kind of error that hasn’t happened in Missouri since 1912. The judge said he’s never seen anything like it. The victim of the armed robbery has said he feels that Anderson should be released. Anderson was released without any parole restrictions.

How does this happen? What is a clerical error, and how do I get one in my favor? Can we clerical error my bank account in the same kind of way? He is by far the luckiest guy on Earth. The teacher assigned him to do a 400 page thesis paper, he didn’t do it, and then he still got an A. Unreal good luck. Can you imagine how he was feeling when he realized he wasn’t going to have to go to jail? Probably just sat in a chair for hours, whispering nothing but “holy shit” to himself. After getting a 13 year sentence, he served 10 months, 11 years after the fact. I’d take it, all things considered. I wonder what he was trying to rob anyway, considering he was given 13 years and didn’t even get away with it. Seems kinda steep, no? And shout out to him for taking advantage of the biggest mistake ever. He took full advantage of his second chance, no doubt about it. Didn’t press his luck. You gotta kinda figure if you can get away with it once, you can parlay that into another clerical error, but I can’t argue with him not pressing his luck either.