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The Game Is Mad That Kevin Durant Isn't Paying Up On Their "$20,000 Bet"


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Jesus how desperate is The Game to feel important? I bet KD just said in passing like “yeah yeah I’ll give your team my sneakers if you can hit a three pointer” and next thing you know Game is in his room hammering away on the calculator trying to find out the monetary value of that so he can go running to TMZ. “Durant lost a $20,000 bet to me and won’t pay up!” Relax bro, Durant didn’t make a bet with you, Nike did. Durant is going to pay a single cent. He’ll call Nike and say he needs 200 pairs of Kevin Durant sneakers. No need to go snitching to gossip columns about him welching on bets.



PS – Just a fucking insane hashtag performance from Game right there. Insane.