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Breaking News: Boom Boom Will Be A Sideline Reporter For NFL on CBS Next Year



I got to be honest. I’m not as happy about this news as I should be. Listen everybody knows I’m Team Boom Boom, but the fact she has flat ignored my ass since she left NESN is tough to swallow frankly. Like I get why she ignored us while she worked there and that’s because NESN has a ridiculous gag policy. God forbid they let their talent interact with Barstool even though every other network in the world loves doing shit with us. Fine whatever. But what’s the excuse now? It’s tough to blame NESN when she doesn’t work there anymore. So until Boom Boom comes on the rundown I think she’s dead to me. There just comes a point in every man’s life when he has to take a stand and that stand is now for me.   Mark my words.  You will never hear me utter her name again until she is on our network.