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Draftstreet Is Back This Week With A $20,000 First Place Prize And $100,000 In Total Prizes

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Draftstreet golf! Let’s go! It’s like regular golf only it doesn’t cost 200 bucks for the day, you don’t want to murder someone in the middle of it, and you can still get blackout drunk while playing. Oh, and you have a chance to go home $20,000 richer. Best of all worlds.



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Contest Details
-$100,000 U.S. Open Big Score
-4-day Fantasy Golf Contest, June 12th – June 15th
-$55 direct buy-in, 2000 entries
-$20,000 First place Prize
-This fantasy golf contest lasts through the entire 4 days of U.S. Open, but you only draft you PGA golfers once. If your golfers advance to the next round then they stay on your roster, and the biggest cumulative score at the end of the Open wins the $20,000 First Place Prize