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Former Invicta Women's Featherweight Champion Megan Anderson might've just put herself next in line for a shot at Amanda Nunes here in Norfolk with an INSANELY terrifying knockout over Norma Dumont. It didn't take long, and Megan made it look more-or-less effortless. 

Norma tried to neutralize the striking of Anderson with a clinch and some battling against the fence, but she was only putting off the inevitable in my opinion. Megan's power is fucking SCARY. She can probably put anybody out with the right shot.

Should Nunes be next for her? Personally, I think it's daunting, but fuck - both of em are daunting! Who else could say they have a legit claim at one of her titles? We'll have to wait and see how the co-main plays out, but I think the Australian earned a shot tonight.

...AND she hit the shoey on the way out!

UPDATE: Oh yeah. Megan Anderson definitely caught Amanda Nunes' attention tonight...