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Apparently Throwing A Penalty Flag At A Ref Is Frowned Upon In The XFL

What the shit is this Vinnie Mac? 15 yards for throwing a flag at a ref? A flag this player caught no less? I thought the X in XFL stood for XTREEEEEEME. You cannot be an Xtreme Football League founded by the owner of the WWE and not allow some sort of tomfoolery with the zebras go down. Shenanigans with referees is one of the pillars the sports entertainment world was built on. From managers distracting referess while their wrestler used a foreign object on an opponent to special guest referees acting more crooked than Mantis' spine to referees orchestrating actual screw jobs that impacted real lives.

While the NFL runs from their incompetent ref problem, the XFL should embrace it by letting them being held accountable for what happens on the field. If you are a DB that wants to mix it up with a ref, that's fine. But don't get upset if he calls a ticky tack PI penalty the next time the ball goes near you. That's the kind of sports entertainment drama that turned the WWE into a goddamn monster back in the day. Well that and a bunch of T&A. But also the drama.

Someone remind Vince McMahon what the name of his league is so he can let the players and the zebras loose!