How Damn Soft Is Kansas State For Taking This Kid's Sign Making Fun Of Kansas Hoops And Paying Players?

What the fuck, Kansas State? This is a rivalry. This is part of the reason college sports are the best. This is an A+ sign. He went out of his way to design a massive fake check and do the Adidas pay for play for Silvio De Sousa, who has been linked to all of this stuff. Not to mention the last time these guys played this happened: 

De Sousa is even suspended for this game! It makes perfect sense and is an A+ troll for a rivalry game. That said, if this happens like it did last year I'd like to see them stop it: 

Stop being soft and trying to prevent college kids from having fun. There needs to be more shit talking like this in sports. It's not crossing the line, it's relevant, it's an A+ sign design. Let the boys play!