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Tonight, Joseph Benavidez Will Make UFC History

As I'm sure some of you know already, I'm down in Norfolk, Virginia for tonight's UFC card, headlined by a UFC Flyweight Championship bout between perennial contender Joseph Benavidez and Deiveson Figueiredo. 

I'm actually not here for work, despite me being here to sit on press row and blog about the fights; this is my first "vacation" I think I've ever treated myself to, because I knew I couldn't miss being there live for when Benavidez realizes his lifelong dream and becomes the UFC Flyweight Champion. 

Joe is actually the only one eligible to win the UFC Flyweight Championship tonight, by the way, despite the fight being for a vacant title, as Figueiredo showed up 2.5lbs overweight yesterday which disappointed the boss very much...

...and Dana is rightfully upset, might I add! 

You're handed the biggest opportunity of your life, KNOWING the division has been on the ropes for months, and needs "saving", and you can't make weight?! It's not like this was some short-notice ordeal, either. Homeboy had eight weeks! SMGDH.

Deiveson still had the balls to get in Joe's face at weigh-ins and act tough after all of that, though...

…and I think this fella put it best:

It ain't about Figueiredo tonight, though. Like Joe said yesterday, “He wasn't going to ever win the belt, anyway.”

Tonight is about Joseph Benavidez - one of the greatest to ever do it - putting the cherry on top of his (already phenomenal) career and finally having that UFC gold strapped around his waist. 

This is so many years in the making, as Joe competed in the first ever Flyweight fight in UFC history, first Flyweight Championship fight in UFC history, and he's been the guy at the top (but unfortunately not allllll the way at the top) for so long. Since his last opportunity to become champion six years ago, he's gone 9-1 holding a win over Henry Cejudo and having the only loss coming by way of split decision. 

Folks, I believe you say that someone with those stats is DUE, and Joe is more due than any.

Tonight, Joseph Benavidez will make UFC history in becoming Flyweight Champion - saving the division in the process - and I can't fucking wait to see it happen. After seeing him at dinner last night, I think he's putting Deiveson away in the second or third round. I've never seen a fighter more relaxed, composed, and excited during fight week - truly - and everything really is just going perfectly and falling into place as you'd want it to for him.

Look for tons of blogs and content and whatnot from press row later tonight, but for now, I'll leave ya with a WAR BENAVIDEZ!

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