Medical Firms Say A New Condom That Kills HIV Could Be Available Within A Few Months

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Daily Mail- A new condom designed to kill the HIV virus could be available to buy within months, after key regulatory approval. Tests have shown the VivaGel condom is effective in deactivating 99.9 per cent of HIV, herpes and human papilloma virus cases. Australian bio-tech firm Starpharma have developed the antiviral Viva Gel, the active ingredient designed to tackle sexually transmitted infections, in the condom’s lubricant. The product has now received a receipt of Conformity of Assessment Certification by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration – a similar certificate to the CE mark in Europe – paving the way for mass production. It means the condom, the first of its kind, should be on the shelves available to buy in the coming months. Starpharma’s CEO Dr Jackie Fairley, said: ‘The LifeStyles Dual Protect™ condom is a great example of a globally significant innovation pioneered, developed and commercialised by two Australian companies. ‘With the launch of LifeStyles Dual Protect™ expected in the near future, certification by TGA marks another major milestone for the VivaGel® condom and our partnership with Ansell, one of the world’s leading condom companies and healthcare innovators.’

Hallelujah!  Why isn’t this the top headline on all news sites everywhere?  Why aren’t myself and my neighbors shouting this at each other from our rooftops?  I realize the downing of Flight MH17 is rightfully dominating the headlines right now because it’s a huge tragedy.  I feel for anybody effected by it.  But we gotta start looking out for those of us still here and this condom that apparently kills HIV is the biggest human achievement since I don’t know what.  Nothing scarier than sleeping with a chick and convincing yourself she gave you something.  I’ll talk myself into anything after the fact.  Right afterwards, I’m happy.  12 hours later, I’ve convinced myself I’m gonna be dead in three days.  Now you’re probably saying “But Trent, you’ve never had sex.  You don’t have to worry about this.”  Well contrary to popular belief, I’ve had sex.  Crazy, right?  Maybe not as often as I’d like but its happened.  Actually that shouldn’t be hard to believe.  You’ve seen what I look like.  I’m a stallion. No two ways about it. And this condom is the biggest news for guys who have sex.  A normal condom is fine but one that is actively trying to keep me alive and HIV-free?  Literally the biggest news in the world and I’m confused as to why no one is talking about except me and Daily Mail.  Spread the word.  Now get out there and have sex with chicks who might or might not have HIV!  You’ll be fine!*

You’re actually gonna want to wait a couple months until the condoms hit the market.  Then go!

PS- The “kills HIV 99.9%” part is both comforting and terrifying at the same time.  Like sure, 99.9% is a lot of percent.  Pretty much the whole thing.  But that .1% is pretty scary.  It’s not a huge deal when cleaning products say it kills 99.9% of germs.  .1% of germs isn’t scary if it’s on your sink.  It’s a little different when that .1% is a deadly virus we haven’t yet cured.  Fuck it, I’ll risk it.  Worth it.