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Comedian Sam Morril Got Turned Down For A Standup Special So He Produced One Himself.. Now It Has Nearly 1M Views In Less Than A Month

It's hard enough to get booked as a regular at any NYC standup club, so it sorta goes without saying that it's even harder to get your own special. 

Despite over ten years touring, appearances on several late nite shows (Conan, Fallon, Corden, Colbert, etc.), spots on multiple TV shows, & having hosted his very own Emmy nominated program (People Talking Sports on MSG) comedian Sam Morril ran into that wall trying to get his own hour special produced. 

He had the material, he was ready, but he couldn't find a home for it. Tired of waiting, he decided to put himself out there & do the scary thing - Front whole special himself with the help of friends & fans. 

Happy to say it looks like that's starting to pay off. Morril posted his special to YouTube on February 10th, and it's already to nearly 1M views. On a platform crammed with standup that's huge.. and I'm just speculating here but it has to feel like a pretty validating middle finger to everyone who initially turned him down. 

It seems sort of random of me to focus on this story but I wanted to push this out there because I've seen how great he is. One of my favorite things about NYC is the comedy scene and I try to go to shows whenever I can.. Among the rounds I've made (lurking alone in the back of clubs with my overpriced drinks) I've seen Morril perform a bunch of times now and he's consistently funny despite reviews from people in Missouri. 

Morril was also on our now defunct Hi Haters! podcast & radio show when I first started out & no idea what the hell I was doing, and he couldn't have been nicer. He's also been on KFC Radio, Barstool Breakfast, and I'm sure a bunch of other things around this place over the last couple of years, and for good reason. 

So if you have a chance, support a legit fantastic comic & watch his special below. Alot of times I'll put a big, hyped up special on and then catch myself zoning out & focusing on other things. Not the case here - I was hooked the whole time on this one & I promise you will laugh if you watch it, too. If you don't you can jump on the Missouri crowd bandwagon & just harass him online or something. That, or - if nothing else - watch it for his mom's sake.