Coach O Needs to Pardon the Frat King Arrested for Riding His Four-Wheeler Inside Tiger Stadium

AP — A Louisiana State University student and fraternity brother was charged Thursday with breaking into the college’s under-construction football stadium and riding a four-wheeler around inside.

Clayton Fleetwood, of New Jersey, is accused of entering Tiger stadium late at night on Jan. 21 and Feb. 8, according to university police. Investigators say the 19-year-old and another unidentified suspect were captured on stadium security cameras driving a Kawasaki Mule all-terrain vehicle around the field.

PMT has this one exactly right. In the months following a national championship season from one of the best college football teams of all-time, arresting a student for this sort of thing just seems unfair.

When talking about arresting someone for riding a four-wheeler in Baton Rouge, La., I'm reminded of Ron White's refrain after he was arrested for marijuana possession in Florida. "These cops drove past three meth labs and a dead hooker just to get there."

I can imagine there must be a few more pressing issues down in the bayou than a frat king riding his four-wheeler around in Tiger Stadium celebrating a national title.

The end wing we all need to this story is quite obvious: a pardon from Coach O. Ed Orgeron could be governor right now if he wanted to, so if he walks into the courthouse and says this kid gets off scot-free, he's in the clear. This is possibly the only thing Coach O could do at this point to make himself even more likable.

Also, what a recruiting tool that could be. Not that you want any players to get into trouble with the law, but in the event that does happen, you've got a coach who is willing to go to bat for random frat members, let alone his own players.

Make this situation right, Coach.