What MLB Stadium Should I Attend This Summer?

Real quick here.  Last year I went to Fenway for the first time.  I honestly thought I wouldn't like it, but I couldn't have been a bigger fan.  Saw the Sox vs. Sawx over a quick 2 and a half day trip and would recommend it to any fan who is following their team to an away stadium.

You can read my entire Fenway Park experience and review here.  I want to reiterate that "The Sausage Guy" on Yawkey Way behind the Monster was maybe the best sausage I've ever eaten, and I spent a month in Milwaukee one night hahaha.  

Fenway Franks were fucking TRASH though.  Disgusting, almost as bad as a Dodger Dog

Anyways, I decided I'm going to make it a yearly thing.  Just pick a random park that everyone "has to see" and go to it if the Sox are playing there.  As much as I love baseball, I haven't travelled with the Sox well at all, but that can change with this job because #content.  Here is a list of stadiums I've been to.  Please excuse the names of the stadium if they have changed in recent years, once I call a park a name I stick by it for life.  

Sox Park
Miller Park
Old County Stadium
Old Yankee Stadium
Great American Ballpark
Old Busch
New Busch

And that's it,  but this list is going to expand a shit ton in the coming years and I'm very excited about it.  So because of that, I'm gonna leave it to Stoolies for recs.  I think I should knock NL stadiums out first because the Sox won't be playing in them every year.  This year I can attend the following:

Pac Bell Park:

Early leader in the clubhouse.  Sox play there in mid-May and the stadium looks incredible.  Have heard EXTREMELY mixed reviews of San Fransisco itself, but the stadium is what I care about most.   PS - I know it's something different now and not Pac Bell.  Don't talk shit

Petco Park:

Stadium looks pretty cool, but have never heard a bad word about San Diego.  That and I can maybe take a trip down to Tijuana to see one of those shows with the horses and the women and the consensual relations between the two.  Win/win/win.

Aside from those two, the Rockies and Dodgers are in Chicago unfortunately.  UPDATE:

The Sox actually do play in Denver this summer on top of playing the Rockies at home, so add Coors Field to the list:

This may now be the leader in the clubhouse. Have never heard a bad thing about Denver or Coors Field

If I venture outside the NL though, I'd go with Seattle:

Beautiful stadium, and I've never been to the Pacific Northwest.  It'd be really awesome to visit where Newman learned how to climb trees.

So, Stoolies - let me know.  What is one stadium I HAVE to go to?  Let me know in the comment section and if you're so convicted in your opinion, I'd even consider going there if the Sox aren't playing.  Please and thank you.