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I Can't Wait To Follow Around Penn National CFO Dave Williams For A Week

So a few weeks back I was sent this article from a HS buddy:

Thought it was pretty funny that I shared the same exact first and last name as the CFO of a company that's valued at *checks notes* about $4.36B dollars.  Yes, billion with a B.  Decided I'd fire away with a tweet and tag our CEO, President and my direct boss making the half assed joke that I'm ready to get to work on doing whatever it is that a CFO does...

... knowing fully that there's a 0.0% chance Dente knows my last name and about a 50% chance that Erika does.  Ha ha ha amirite?  I had a hearty guffaw with myself knowing Dente saw the tweet and was exceptionally confused before brushing it off and carrying on with his day.  Never thought anything would come of it.  

Fast forward about a week and Dente mentions it on Barstool Radio:

Keyword is "were".  I assumed it was stated in past tense because my higher ups came to their senses and realized it wouldn't behoove Barstool Sports or Penn National Gaming to have Barstool's biggest liability following around the dude in charge of the company's money.  I'll be the first to admit - that would have been the smart play.  

Fast forward again to last night when Big Cat dabbed while Barstool and Penn rang the bell at the stock market or whatever it is:

I was kinda curious if the other Dave Williams was in the pic.  Asked Dan:

To which KFC replied...

Holy shit. Dente wasn't kidding.  He really is the bizzaro me.  Like... I'm 5'9" program height, 5'7" regular height.  This guy has to be at LEAST 6'6", maybe more.  Diametrically opposed to me like you read about.  But it made the content concept resurface:

Cannot fucking WAIT.  I don't know how to do a single thing with money other than spend it.  Like... that is it.  Sure, I was the sole proprietor of a baseball prospect program for a while and figured out how to deposit checks into the bank when I was like 23 years old, but that's still Finance 101 stuff.  

Mentioned it on Radio today:

When this happens, it's going to be a colliding of worlds.  One guy that happens to be smart, polished and successful hanging out in board meetings and doing CFO stuff with a dude who's a full foot shorter than him and literally can't talk and chew gum at the same time.  Content for daze amirite?  My only demand is that if I enter his life of doing money stuff, that he also enters my life of sitting in bars for 13 straight hours trying to pick up 6s and failing.  That's only fair.  I mean, the only thing we have in common is we probably weigh about the same despite our difference in height.  

PS - can't wait to expense a sick ass tailored suit and briefcase (that will only be filled with Ritz crackers) for the board meetings.  Shout out Barstool CFO Wajeeha for accepting it ahead of time.

Will update with more info as it comes.  


The "real" Dave Williams
Blogger, Barstool Sports Chicago