We Might Have To Start Asking If Jayson Tatum Can See The Future

First off, shoutout to stoolie @PintSizePratt for reminding me about this last night. That picture is from an interview Tatum did when he first learned about his 2K rating back over the summer. I even blogged about it

and at the time it was music to my ears. Coming off a "down" year Tatum was coming into the season locked in and motivated. Just what I wanted to hear. As a reminder, here was my favorite part of that interview

OK so let's check in on how this all is playing out. As of February 28th, Tatum's ranking has gone from an 85 to an 86. Something tells me by the next few updates he's going to inch closer and closer to that 90. He has 9 more weeks to get there and if he finishes the season at this level, that has to be a lock. If Paul George can be a 90 right now having mostly a dogshit season, Tatum can get there. 

Average more than 20 ppg? That one was easy. He's well clear of that at 23.3 right now and again that number will probably keep rising considering he's basically a lock for 30 a night nowadays no matter who the Celts play. Make the All Star team? Check

Now the next prediction is the biggie. Leading this team to a Finals would be pretty wild given they certainly are not the favorites to come out of the East. There are still a ton of questions surrounding this team and how they could perform in a tough playoff series and it's OK to admit that. How will Tatum handle playoff defenses? Will the Celts figure out a way to counter all the trapping that will be used on Kemba/Tatum. What version of Hayward will we get? All those will ultimately decide how far this team goes. But here's what I know. So far Jayson Tatum has pretty much come through on every single thing he predicted this past July. Coincidence? Maybe, but definitely not. 

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, and who knows maybe Tatum had a dream back in July and saw this all unfold. That's why he didn't panic when he started the season missing everything, layups included. He knew it was all part of the plan. Look I've run with way crazier theories than this when it comes to Celtics players success, so Jayson Tatum being able to see the future is about as concrete as it gets in my opinion. How else do you explain what we're seeing?