Markus Howard Admitting He Purposely Missed A FT So He Could Break The Marquette Scoring Record On A Jumper Is A Goddamn A+ Move

[The Athletic] - Which is all fine and good and a likely story, except for that one missed free throw before halftime. Which, as rumor has it, Howard missed intentionally in order to break the school scoring mark on a shot from the floor. Any thoughts, Markus?

“Oh, yeah. I did that on purpose. I didn’t want to get it on a free throw. I’ll be the first to tell you it was on purpose. I was at the free-throw line, and Greg (Elliott) said, hey, you know if you make this, you’re going to break the record. I said, really? He said, yeah. I said, I’m not trying to do it on a free throw. He said, no, you need to make the free throw. I said, no, I don’t want to do it. So I missed the free throw. And the first shot I took in the second half was a 3. I felt a lot better about that. You can see Greg smiling and laughing at me on the bench, and I pointed and winked at him. That story is true.”

This is how it should be done. Markus Howard is one of the best scorers of this era of college hoops. The dude has been lighting people up all 4 years at Marquette and he is similar to Steph Curry (no, not comparing them) in the sense of when he catches fire he becomes must watch. He has a few 50 point games, he's the all-time leading scorer in Big East play and he's Marquette's leading scorer. 

But this is how anything like this should be done - take note NBA All-Star Game. You can't have a historic moment at the free throw line. It just doesn't feel right. You don't become the leading scorer in the nation by not having the brains to say fuck this free throw. That's just how it's supposed to be. 

Markus Howard has also played his way to being a unanimous All-American. Don't think it can really be debated right now. This Marquette team is fine - but they aren't special, especially without Howard. The fact he has them trending around a 6/7 seed is actually worth a damn. 

Either way, I have a newfound respect for Markus Howard purposely missing a free throw. Break records on jumpers, that's the way to live.