"I Wish I Could Just Run And Be 7-Feet And Just Dunk. That Takes No Skill At All" - James Harden Finally Responds And Throws His Own Shade At Giannis

OK let me start this off by saying I am a huge Harden guy. It goes back a long time to when we were both at ASU together and he had just a normal beard. You'll never hear me say he's boring to watch or any of that shit because Sun Devils stick together. I love how mad he makes people with his style of play, and he is one of if not the most unstoppable individual scorer in the league today. Those are the facts. But it's also true that Giannis cannot, and will not stop taking shots at James Harden

It's really strange because none of his insults are really all that true. The idea that Harden doesn't pass is a little confusing since he's always in the top 10 in assists, and defensively he more than held his own in that All Star Game

but we hadn't really heard James Harden respond to any of this shit talking by Giannis. Until now.


Technically, what Harden said here isn't wrong. Giannis doesn't exactly have the deepest bag, a lot of his dominance comes from just bullying his way into the paint and dunking on people. That's not a knock though, because nobody has really shown the ability to stop it. But take last playoffs for example. The Raptors found a way to shut him down and his lack of offensive skill hurt them in that series in which they lost 4 straight. Obviously Harden has his own playoff struggles that have come as a result of how he plays too, but I love that he's finally coming out and responding. 

Even if he's being a little unfair to Giannis the same way Giannis was being a little unfair to him, I am all for this feud. A couple of MVPs going at it is exactly what this season needed. They both have a GIANT amount of pressure to get to the Finals, and if that series were to happen boy would it be something. The new look small ball Rockets against the huge and devastating Bucks would be one hell of a series. They've played just one time this season so far with MIL winning, but something tells me you are going to want to circle March 25th. Not just because it's my birthday, but because the Rockets are heading into MIL for their final showdown of the season. 

Something tells me Giannis is going to be a bit motivated.