Last Night In The NBA: The Sixers Actually Win, Chris Paul Is A Clutch Time God, Draymond Got Tossed And More

Good morning everybody happy Friday and welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we bring you up to speed on everything that went down from the night before in the Association. It was a relatively light night for the league with only four games, but as we come down the home stretch of the season every night is going to have playoff implications. Teams are fighting for their playoff lives, including a handful of team we saw last night, and we got some tight finishes combined with some big time individual performances which will give you all you need to hold off on doing a goddamn thing this morning. If by some chance you missed any of the action last night that's OK, here's what happened.

New York Knicks (17-42) 106 vs Philadelphia 76ers (37-23) 115

Look anyone with eyes can tell you things in Philly are a disaster right now. Their two franchise players are hurt, they can't even beat the Cavs on the road, and they are looking like a lock for the 4/5 matchup as they scratch and claw to try and get that 4 seed. Even if you think this team is a dumpster fire right now, they aren't at the level where they are going to lose to the Knicks at home. That's a team that is a true dumpster fire. So of course it was more of the same, the Sixers in their own building are a force whether they are healthy or not, and this game wasn't all that close after the first quarter. 

Anytime you need to feel better about your team it's always great to play the Knicks, and out of nowhere we saw PHI finish with 49/48% splits with 15 3PM and just 6 TOs. Do we need to ask if they are better without Embiid AND Simmons? Many people are saying that might be the case, but I wouldn't go that far. This is just what playing the Knicks looks like. New Sixer additions Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks still can't really shoot which is concerning seeing as how thats why they were traded for, and hopefully they figure this out because the Sixers are about to head out for a brutal 4 game West Coast trip and most likely won't have Embiid or Simmons for the entire thing. Pretty important stretch here if they want to pass MIA.

For NYK, by this point of the season it's more about just going through the motions, making sure you lose so you get a good draft pick and nobody getting hurt. 


New Knick Moe Harkless had a great game but it has to suck to go from a contender to the Knicks, and he was asked about that after the game and things didn't sound great!

This is a man that is begging for a buyout and it would be tragic if it never comes. 

Portland Trail Blazers (26-34) 100 vs Indiana Pacers (35-24) 106

Both of these teams need to start stacking wins, the Pacers are breathing down the necks of PHI for the 5 seed, the Blazers just trying to get into the top 8. Both have struggled over their last 10 and now that the Pacers were able to pull this out they trail the Sixers by just 1.5 games. That's nothing. It's been a process getting Oladipo back to his old self and he's making progress, but the strength of this team is their balance. 


all five starters with at least 14 points, their froncourt pairing of Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis is a problem on most nights now that Sabonis took a leap this season, and you have to admit it's pretty impressive to win a game despite scoring just 13 points in a quarter like the Pacers did in the second. The win was nice, the trolling of Melo with a Honey Nut Cheerio chant was great

and the Pacers have a nice stretch of CLE/SA/CHI coming up which should definitely help them climb the standings.

For POR, they sure are wasting a prime opportunity with the Grizzlies losing 4 straight. Instead of making up ground the Blazers have dropped two in a row and are 3-7 over their last 10. They sit 3 games back of the 8th spot and tied with NO, so this is going to be a dogfight the rest of the way. With Dame still out CJ McCollum has done a good job of picking up the slack, him and Gary Trent Jr were both nails in this game


but just like it does pretty much every game, the lack of defense is what did the Blazers in. Right after holding the Pacers to 13 points in a quarter, they allowed 63 second half points. It doesn't matter what they do offensively if they can never stop their opponent, and 37 points coming out of the half for IND was the difference in this game. They also didn't get much from their bench which was unfortunate, and they are now 10-21 on the road this season. That's like Sixers/Knicks level bad.

Sacramento Kings (24-34) 108 vs Oklahoma City Thunder (37-22) 112

I'm sure the Kings thought they had a game stolen as this game moved to halftime. A double digit lead on the road against a quality opponent? That's a great win that could keep the Kings playoff hopes alive by life support. To their credit they had a handful of guys that were giving OKC problems all night


It's awesome to see Harry Giles look healthy and dominating, that dude can be a real problem if he gets the opportunity. With no Fox and Bagley you'd think the Kings would get demolished, but those four kept them in it all the way to the final quarter. Unforunately part of the deal when it comes to the Kings is they aren't going to play any defense. That becomes problematic when you allow 62 second half points, especially 31 in the fourth quarter to lose by 4. A stop here and there would have done wonders, but in the end they did what the Kings do and choked away their double digit lead. Rough.

For OKC, this team is going to be a problem in the playoffs I'm telling you. They are balanced, they defend, they have legit clutch time players, they have young talent and a good coach, they are as for real as it gets. The Thunder had now won 5 in a row and are 8-2 over their last 10 which is important because it matches what HOU is doing, the team the Thunder are trying to catch for a top 4 seed. They trail by just 1.5 games and if that's going to be our first round series, homecourt is going to be important. 


This is a team that I would say is the true surprise of the season, nobody thought they would be competing for a top 4 seed when all these trades first happened, yet here they are proving that they are going to be a bitch to play this Spring. You get Chris Paul in clutch situations late he is still one of the most terrifying players in the league. He showed us again last night.

Los Angeles Lakers (45-12) 116 vs Golden State Warriors (12-47) 86

No LeBron but who cares. This team doesn't need LeBron to beat the lowly Warriors and the fact that this was even a close game at the half is insulting. The Lakers quickly got their act together, won the third quarter 40-17 and that was that.


Their defense tightened up and only allowed 34 second half points which is certainly impressive, and everyone was able to get some much needed in game load management. Nothing else to really say, this was pretty much how everyone expected things to go.

For GS, well Draymond got tossed after just 10 minutes

which brought LeBron a ton of joy and is pretty on brand for Draymond. Has anyone's reputation taken more of a hit than Draymond during this Warriors season? Everyone always used to say he was only good because he played with stars, now those stars are gone and he's kinda stunk right? Weird for a guy who runs his mouth like Draymond does.

On the bright side Eric Paschall continues to play well

and Jordan Poole did some things


but if I was a Warriors fan I would just block all this out focus on Steph's pending return. Granted I think it's stupid he's coming back because he's going to win them games the Warriors shouldn't be winning, but it's better than focusing on the actual product that they are throwing out.

And that's it! You are now all caught up with everything that went down last night in the NBA. Hopefully that helped kill some of your morning today, have a great Friday!