LeBron And Charles Barkley Couldn't Wait To Roast Draymond's Ass After He Got Ejected For Losing His Damn Mind

These two guys live for a few things. Draymond will talk a bunch of shit, lose his mind and get ejected. That's just a guarantee a few times a year. Part of me appreciates the fact he refuses to change and has this lunatic side to him. One of those guys that if he's on my team I'm fighting anyone that says something bad about him. But he's a Warrior, so fuck that. 

On the other hand, Charles Barkley lives for a few things - gambling, basketball, talking about the fine women of San Antonio and talking shit about Draymond Green. He loves it. I mean this is why we love this show and this group. You think Barkley cares if he pisses Draymond off? Absolutely not. Plus, these guys have a history: 

And now add in LeBron giggling on the bench like he just had his one glass of vino walking into the arena and you may send Draymond into nuclear mode. You don't think he'll remember LeBron laughing at him? You don't think he'll hear Barkley continue to talk shit. Granted, he won't do anything until Steph and Klay come back, but he's going to remember. 

The best part is Chuck finds something like this and sticks to it. This isn't the first time he's dropped triple-single on Draymond. 


He's going to call him that for the rest of eternity. He saw how much Shaq loved it. He saw how much Ernie Johnson even wanted to laugh. Chuck is like a little kid in that sense. The moment he knows a joke sticks, he's going to keep doing it to make people laugh. It's part of the reason as to why he's the best.