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This Punter Putting Up 25 Reps On The Bench At The NFL Draft Combine Is Proof That We've Bullied Kickers Too Far

For the longest time we've treated kickers and punters as outcasts. We've said that they're not real football players. We just toss them off to the side to go do their own thing because they're way too weird to assimilate into normal society. Kickers are bizarre humans, that much remains a fact. However....they're starting to evolve and we have no one but ourselves to blame. 

I'd imagine there was a time when kickers and punters didn't even know where the gym was located. Heck, I'd imagine there was a time when kickers and punters weren't even allowed in the gym. They'd just fuck off somewhere, boot a few balls and call it a day. And for good reason, ya know? Can't have those weirdos ruining a team lift sesh by having to change out the 45lb plates for 5's and 10's. But after decades of being considered persona non grata in the weight room, the punters have developed into guys like Michael Turk over here. Pretty tough to shit on punters for not being athletes when buddy over here is repping out a quick 225x25. Is that going to impact the way he can kick the ball in anyway? Not particularly. But if our guy over here is just eating weights for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

You ever see the movie Split? Great flick with James McAvoy. But basically the point I'm making here is that after years of torment, he developed into a literal beast. 

And that, my friends, is what we have done to punters. May god have mercy on our souls.