Cherry Hill Native Bobby Ryan Scoring A Hatty In His First Game Back In Ottawa Is A Comeback Story For The Ages

I mean...have yourself a night, Bobby Ryan. If there's anyone in the league right now who deserves it, it's this man right here. 

We watch the NHL night after night and it gets easy to forget these guys are actual humans at times. You see Connor McDavid have the sickest set of hands while buzzing down the ice at 30 mph and he's no longer human. You see Matthews curl and snipe from the top of the circles like there's not even a goalie in the net and he's no longer human. They're superstars doing superstar things, for sure, but there's also an actual dude under those pads. And with Bobby Ryan, unfortunately we witnessed the raw human side of the game this year. 

He has been through the ringer not only just in his career so far, but through life in general. I think by now most people know the story of Bobby Ryan's childhood. And if not, it's easily Google-able since it's not anything that Bobby Ryan is ashamed of or trying to hide. But still just a wild story. Then the past few years in Ottawa have been pretty miserable to him. The team has stunk and the fans are constantly trying to ship Bobby Ryan away in trades given his contract numbers. So the team has been miserable and it seems like his time in Ottawa personally has been pretty brutal as well lately. Unfortunately, like millions and millions of other humans around the world, Bobby Ryan relied pretty heavily on alcohol to try to get him through that rough patch. That's when the team stepped in and decided it was time to get Bobby Ryan some help and give him a little time away from the game. And it's just so fucking awesome to see the success story of that program right now. 

It's more than just a game. These guys are more than just athletes. Behind it all, they're a bunch of humans living their own lives and going through the same ups and downs as everybody else. Bobby Ryan was unfortunately going through a pretty rough down stretch of his, but the Ottawa Senators and the league let him get the help the time away from the game that he needed. And in his first game back in Ottawa after rejoining the team at 100 days clean, Cherry Hill Native Bobby Ryan nets a hat trick in front of the hometown crowd and what an ovation from the Sens fans. I know they've been hard on him at times when things weren't going to well, but what a response and what an unreal show of support for a guy who needed it. Fuckin right, Ottawa. 

Oh and not only did Bobby Ryan have a hat trick on the night, but he also got himself in a little tilly as well. Just dropping the mitts and throwing some bombs like a good ol' South Jersey boy. 


No assist on the night, unfortunately, but a hat trick + a scrap is just as good as any Gordie Howe Hat Trick. What a night for Bobby Ryan and what a night for anyone whose had to battle through their share of shit before. Huge win for redemption. You just love to see it.