Robin Lehner Made More Comments On His Time With The Hawks And...They Are NOT Good

A few people tagged me in this tweet and I started fumbling around for my pitchfork memes. Clown face and pinocchio nose were at the ready. On standby as always. Gonna drop them here for good measure just because

While I standby those memes I am not too sure what Lehner means with these comments. Maybe he was misquoted, but if what he said holds true then it's kind of off-putting

"I went to Chicago and got promises of a fair chance to play. I came there with a good mindset to fit into the team"--Lehner

At the time of this blog Lehner got 33 starts for the Blackhawks. Corey Crawford...also 33 with one of those coming after the trade deadline. That is about as fair as it gets. Lehner referenced playing the lion share for a stretch of the season. Which was true. He had a time where he was on fire and unless it was a back-to-back situation it seemed like Lehner was getting the nod. Then about a month ago his play dipped a bit. He had an .880Sv% while Crawford had a .939%. During that stretch the team leaned more heavily on the guy who was, you know, playing better hockey. Again, the NHL is a meritocracy. Whoever is playing better should play. For stretches it was Crawford. Other times it was Lehner. That is fair. 

"I've played really well for two years and still can't get something done. I am playing well and I can't play. It hits your motivation a bit"--Lehner

I applaud the honesty. He's human. I can see how not being able to secure a long term deal despite being one the best goalies in the league would be frustrating. Having said that…it's comments like these where his agent has to be thinking "STFU" because if you hear that some off the ice issue with his contract is leading to a sv% of .880 I am not sure that's the guy you to commit a minimum $20 million to. 

"I thougth I had a future in Chicago….the last couple of weeks were tough to find a motivation needed"--Lehner

I want to cut Lehner a break here because English isn't his first language, but my god that is a BAD quote. You couldn't find the motivation? Bro, how about 19 other guys on the bench with you are in the fight of their lives trying to get back in the playoffs. That loss against Edmonton on 2/11 was a gut punch and Lehner being off was a huge factor in that loss. He gave up 4 goals in his next start against Calgary that the Hawks still managed to win. They lost 5-3 against the Rangers and he wasn't his sharpest then either. Those are big games. You'd hope that your goalie of the future playing for a contract and a playoff spot would find enough motivation in the situation and in the eyes of his teammates. 

I loved watching Lehner. I loved his twitter account. I loved his postgame quotes. He seemed to be well-liked by teammates. There's certainly an argument to be made for paying him and keeping him around for the next 3-5 years, but when you read things like this it gives me pause. Would I rather have Crawford for the next 2-3 years at a lower cap hit and kick the can down the road or do I want a younger goalie for more money who admittedly struggles to find proper motivation in the thick of a playoff race because he's unhappy with his agent and Hawks management? I think I am leaning Crawford. Wish the Hawks could've gotten more for him in a trade, but trading him was the right move. It was before this interview and it really is now.