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Who Would've Guessed? Polish Woman Goes Blind After Getting Eyes Tattooed


A woman has been left completely blind in one eye and will soon lose sight in the other after a tattoo artist botched an attempt to dye her eyeballs black.

Aleksandra Sadowska from the city of Wroclaw in the west of Poland had gone to the tattooist after deciding she wanted to emulate a rap artist called Popek, who also had the whites of his eyes dyed black.  

I think that gif says it all about this girl.

I mean, what type of an idiot get their eyeballs tattooed? What did she expect to happen? Perfect vision? After getting her eyeball pierced a zillion times by a needle? It's unreal how stupid people are. Some may argue this was an innocent mistake by this girl, after all, she just wanted to emulate rap artist Popek. 

I'm not sure about you guys, but I wouldn't really want to look like that guy at all. Much less change my physical appearance to look more like him. I mean, why change your eyes? It doesn't even look somewhat good and people are just gonna look at you like your a fucking poltergeist.

Also, if he's a rapper, one would assume he has the money to go to a high-end tattoo parlor and get tattoos that won't make him go blind forever. This girl probably just went to your average tattoo parlor. What an idiot. If you're gonna make such a drastic change to your body - like changing the white of your eyeballs - then maybe you should save up a little money and do it right.

The bungled procedure left the 25-year-old model complaining of pains in her eyes which the tattooist is reported to have said was normal and could be treated with painkillers.

Based in the Polish capital Warsaw, the tattoo artist named in local media as Piotr A., is facing three years in prison for unintentionally severely disabling the woman.

During the subsequent investigation it was found that the tattooist had made serious mistakes in the process, including using body ink for tattooing skin, which should not come into contact with the eye.

Pain? In your eyes that you literally dyed black? I won't believe it. I simply refuse.

I guess the blame has to go on the tattoo artist? Yeah, I think it does. You can't be using body ink on eyes, fucking amateur hour out here. That's like if you went in for a routine filling and they end up giving you a full-on root canal, it's not the correct thing but it's close enough. I'm sure every tattoo artist stockpiles specialty eye ink for freaks like this. 

I don't know how somebody goes into such a life-altering procedure without doing their homework on the tattoo artist. Just bananas to me. I'd be double-checking with the artist every two seconds to make sure everything is going perfect, you can't be walking around with messed up eyes. Well, hopefully, she is able to manage to live life without the gift of vision.