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Remembering Kevin Malone on National Chili Day

An all-time moment from an all-time show. And what better day to remember it than on today, National Chili Day?

I know Kevin Malone is out there somewhere today, preparing a big pot of his famous recipe — onions undercooked, of course — for wherever he's working now. And I hope it goes better for him than it did the first time, because this scene is absolutely heartbreaking. I still feel bad for a fictitious person every time I watch it because I know how much work Kevin put into that chili only to end up taking a bath in it on the office floor.

There is nobody in that office who deserved his moment in the Sun more than Kevin Malone. All Scott's Tots had to do was take out a few loans like the rest of us. Kevin worked his ass off to impress the only people in the world he cared about and it all came crashing down at the reception desk. This was truly the most disappointing moment in the history of The Office.

I hope Kevin, wherever he may be, is enjoying National Chili Day with his friends, having everybody getting to know each other in the pot.

Be good, pal.