70% Of People Think They're Better At Parenting Than Their Parents Were. Those People Are 100% Assholes

(source)--A study of 2,000 parents of school-aged children found 76% believe they’re a better parent than their own.

And three in four respondents think parenting is more difficult in the modern world than it was when they were children.

The survey, commissioned by Osmo and conducted by OnePoll, examined the challenges facing today’s parents and how they plan to incorporate their own childhood experiences into their parenting style.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents were adamant they would not be passing on certain aspects of their childhood to their kids.

You know, the people out there saying they're better parents than the ones they had might end up being right, but it's not for all the reasons they think they're great. No. It's because their parents clearly raised fucking self-egrandizing assholes who think their shit doesn't stink. They aren't great because read parenting blogs about how to let kids make the rules they want to follow so they don't get their feelings hurt. Their existence is just living proof that their parents sucked while their kids won't prove that they themselves are shitty parents for another 10 years or so. 

And you know what...the last generation didn't have all the tools at their disposal that people have today. If your kid has anything wrong with it, anything in the world, I am sure you can find the answer on youtube. YouTube has how-tos on literally everything including raising kids. Our parents didn't have that. You know what they had as a resource? Their parents. Their parents, the same people who used brandy to get kids to stop crying and nobody had invented a car-seat yet. And you know what tools their parents had? A fucking belt. That's it. We've gone from a world where the number one question parents asked was "how hard should I hit my kid" to looking up how to sterilize and pad the entire house so nothing bad can ever happen to the children. That is an improvement, but to look around at advancements in technology that we had NOTHING to do with and equate that to being a better parent is like saying you dunked a basketball when in reality your parent just lowered the hoop for you. Fuck these people.