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Jenny Dell Will Finally Be Leaving NESN This Week?

JDell1 (1) – Jenny Dell’s departure from NESN has seemed a forgone conclusion since the popular reporter was removed from her duties on the network’s Red Sox broadcasts in January following the tweeted confirmation of one of the worst-kept secrets in the city: she was dating Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks, and had been for sometime. Now, it seems the day of departure for the well-liked Dell, who replaced Heidi Watney before the 2012 season, is imminent. From this morning’s Names column in the Globe: Word is Jenny Dell is done at NESN. We’re told the former sideline reporter at Red Sox games is leaving the network this week. It’s unclear if Dell, who is dating oft-injured Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks, has another job lined up.


First of all is this a new trick that the Globe does?  The Globe quotes the Globe and writes 2 articles about the same story?  I gues they really are diving deep into the Davey Pageviews playbook huh?  Anyway the writing has been on the wall since day 1 with this shit.  You don’t publicly embarrass Boom Boom and expect her to stick around.  NESN fucked this situation up and they know it.  They tried to be all high and mighty and it blew up in their face. You don’t put Boom Boom in a corner and get away with it.  Now we’re stuck with a rotating cast of characters that couldn’t carry Boom Boom’s jock strap.  But that’s not the point of this blog.   Being the humanitarian and all around good guy I am I’m here to offer Boom Boom a job.  So if you’re reading this Jenny and need a secure, loving, well paid, high profile, sexist place to work the door is always open here at Barstool Sports.   As long as your not opposed to giving Handsome Hank the occasional piggyback ride I think it’s a no brainer.


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