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The English Premier League Announced That They Will Be Starting Their Own Hall Of Fame


The Premier League has revealed plans to launch its official Hall of Fame, which will recognise and celebrate the exceptional skill and talent of players who have graced the competition since its inception in 1992.

Membership of the Premier League Hall of Fame will be the highest individual honour awarded to players by the League.

The first two inductees to have their careers commemorated in the Premier League Hall of Fame will be revealed on Thursday 19 March.

So this came across my time pretty early this morning, my initial reaction was "this seems very... American." I'm not necessarily sure that EPL fans were clamoring for something like this.

Not that I hate the idea of a Hall of Fame, you just don't see this kind of thing too often outside of the US. I will say though, I like it. I like the idea that Premier League greats will finally get some sort of honor for their tremendous careers. I'm very curious to see how it all unfolds, I hope they keep it relatively closed off. If they just let everybody in, they might as well just not do it at all.

It should be interesting to see who the first two inductees are gonna be. If I were a betting man, I'd probably put my money on Alan Shearer and Ryan Giggs. They're just two players that are synonymous with the English Premier League and would be the perfect duo to be inducted first.

Shearer has the most goals in EPL history (260), spanning over eighteen seasons and three different clubs. He also won a Premier League with Blackburn Rovers in the 1994-95 campaign, bagging 34 goals and winning the leagues golden boot award. 

Meanwhile, Giggs was a very crucial player for Manchester United in the Sir Alex Fergeson games, winning a record thirteen premier leagues with the club. That's one of those records that could never happen in today's soccer world. Too many players would just up and leave their club, there's no loyalty anymore.

There have also been some rumors of the first two inductees not being players at all, but rather managers. Specifically Sir Alex Fergeson and Arse Wenger. I wouldn't actually hate that, but I'd prefer it if it was players first.

A shortlist of nominees will also be announced at the same time, with fans invited to vote to help select the additional former players to join the Premier League Hall of Fame 2020.

Very interesting. I really, really hope this doesn't just turn into a popularity contest. Like if I see (Lord) Niklas Bendtner get in because he got voted in for the lols, I'll disavow the whole operation. I hope the people that actually deserve to get in, get in. Guess we have to wait until March 19th to see who actually gets in.

Who do you think should be inducted into the EPL Hall of Fame?