These Latest Accomplishments By Both Luka Doncic And Trae Young Are Utterly Ridiculous

Whether you think it's fair or not, the careers of both Luka Doncic and Trae Young are going to be tied together forever. In one of the most even sided trades in recent memory, there is no doubt both sides are over the moon with their young franchise cornerstone. Both came into the league and were ROY caliber players and now in Year 2 they are both All Stars and are doing things on a nightly basis that will break your brain. Two must watch players regardless of who they're playing, every night it seems like there is another performance that makes you shake your head. Last night was no exception.

We'll start with Trae Young. 

I'm sorry what. Read that StatMuse tweet again. Look at the names on that list. I don't care if his team stinks or any of that shit. Nobody could have anticipated that Trae Young would be THIS good once he entered the league, but there is no denying it at this point. He's electric, he's more than just a shooter, and sure while his defense may be big time pathetic that shouldn't make you discredit everything he's showing on the offensive end. 

If you look at this season and guys who have dropped 35/10 it's Trae with 11, Luka with 8, Harden with 5, and Dame with 4. On what planet would you ever anticipate Young has double the amount of James fucking Harden and almost triple the amount of Dame Lillard? That's madness. 

And then here's Luka


Not only does Luka lead the NBA in triple doubles (13), he's about to pass Jason Kidd's career franchise record and is going to do it in like 300+ fewer games. That's insane. I know some people think triple doubles are overrated nowadays but I am not one of them. I still think they are impressive and to be stacking them like he has been at just 21 years old is wild. Look at that list! He has 3x the triple doubles at his age than LeBron AND Magic. What? 

His situation is a little different of course because the Mavs are actually good and are going to make the playoffs. The Mavs have one of the highest net ratings in the league, one of the best offenses, and if healthy should definitely be a bitch to play in the playoffs, mostly because of what Luka is doing. Remember there were people out there who doubted his game would translate to the NBA? Only the most accomplished Euro player maybe ever, I think we can now see things have translated pretty nicely. If he wins an MVP and a title, does he pass Dirk in terms of all time Mavs greats? Is it crazy that we are even asking this question and it's only been 1.5 years? Yes. 

The good news is we're going to be able to see these two dominate the NBA for the next decade plus. This is probably the worst these two will ever be which is a terrifying thought. Normally this isn't how things work when there's a big time trade like this. One guy flourishes and the other franchise hates their lives for letting him out of their hands. That couldn't be further from the truth in this situation and even if you think Luka is the better player to build around, you have to respect what Young has been able to do on a consistent basis to keep pace with a generational talent like Luka. We're seeing two perennial All Star/All NBA caliber players and my guess would be they are both going to reach a level we aren't even considering at this moment in time.