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The Most Italian Ash Wednesday In Chicago

I realize that this video probably only applies to Chicago people, but it's too good not to blog. Tufano's is one of the most Italian (like real Italian) restaurants in the city and them having their own in house priest to spread some ash is incredible.

There's always debates amongst Catholics about if it counts when you get ashes at one of those drive-thru places or if you have to go to the actual Mass, but this is really on a different level to the point where I would like to name it #1 in my "Where to get ashes on Ash Wednesday Power Ranking" that doesn't even exist yet.

You get some red wine, some cavatelli, get to wear a shirt that shows some shoulder, AND you get to stare at a Stan Mikita Blackhawks jersey while Father tosses you some blessings? Can't beat it.

Jesus & Tony Spilotro are smiling down on his people today.