The Orioles Blasting Fake Crowd Noise To Practice Catching Fly Balls Seems Like a Waste of Time

Seems like the Orioles are channeling their inner Atlanta Falcons I see. Apparently the Orioles are planning on playing in Yankee Stadium this October. I would assume that's the case since Camden Yards hasn't sounded like that since the ALCS in 2014. Listen, it's fun to dream and I respect being prepared for all situations, no matter how realistic they are. If the 54 win O's want to pretend they'll be playing in hostile territories this season then let them dream! I will say if they blasted, "Let's go Yankees!" over and over that would definitely help prep them better for regular season home games. 

In all seriousness, that drill looks incredibly hard and if I were a minor leaguer getting my first crack at a big league camp I'd shit my pants. It only makes sense that all teams do this. 

P.S.- If they wanted to prepare for normal "non-Yankees" home games they might want to refer back to this video of the White Sox Orioles game which was closed to the public. This is still one of the more bizarre things to ever happen in sports. Complete and utter silence in a regular season baseball game.