Burying An OT Penalty Shot To Send Your Team To The State Tournament? That's What Minnesota Dreams Are Made Of

For those of you who somehow still don't know, the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is the best high school hockey tournament in all of the world. Not only does this tourney produce so much salad they could put Olive Garden out of business, but the hockey is just as insane. It's where dreams are made and legends are born. Playing in front of a packed out Xcel Energy Center in the same tournament guys like Phil Housely, TJ Oshie, Neal Broten and Herb Brooks played in? Legendary shit. 

So when you've got the game on your stick and can send the boys to The Tourney win an overtime penalty shot? Buddy,,,,you just earned yourself a lifetime supply of rockstar status in your hometown. 

The captain. In overtime. The kid's name is Gavin Best. And he buries it. You can't come up with a better Minnesota high school hockey story here if you tried. Gavin Best. This kid was born to go forehand-backhand-forehand to become the biggest legend in his town. If that were Gordon Bombay? He's crushing the post and then the boys end up losing in the next shift. 

But not Gavin Best. Gavin Best has the ice of Lake Superior in his veins. And Gavin Best is now heading to The Tourney. 

Sidenote: I know last year was supposedly the final edition of the All Hockey Hair Team videos but I'm really hoping we get one final encore for 2020. All great things must come to an end at some point, but I'm still not ready for this one to go.