Bradley Beal Said The League Didn't Want Him To Score 50 Again Since They Drug Tested Him After Back-To-Back 50+ Games

We hear random drug tests all the time in sports. It's typically after a breakout game or something along those lines, but this is Bradley Beal. Him scoring 50+ in back-to-back games isn't THAT shocking. The dude is fucking good! Plus the Wizards kinda suck so they should be running their offense through Beal, even if they lose when he drops 50.

I love this quote by Bradley Beal though. First he's roasting Garrett Temple for having to guard him in a box-and-1. We need more of this in the NBA. Oh you don't think we play defense? Drop a triangle-and-2 right in your goddamn face when rotating with a box-and-1. And the just being like yeah the league is holding me back worrying about drug tests. 

I know it's 'tough' to feel bad for Beal when he took the extension and money on a Wizards team that wasn't going to contend. But, if you play for the Wizards and you're as good as Beal you should be allowed to smoke weed. And yes, I know they are in 9th in the East, but they are 21-36. You're not competing at 21-36. Granted, you should be allowed to do that regardless, you should ESPECIALLY be allowed to do that if you're Beal.