This Announcer Needs To Be Fired IMMEDIATELY For Saying 'We're In OT' With Time On The Clock ... Because This Happens

This is without a doubt the worst call in the history of announcing calls. What are you doing man? Every single person in the history of the world knows never to say 'well we're going to overtime' or 'well we won that game' when there's still time on the clock! You just cost that game without a doubt. If you don't say anything you know what happens? That heave from 3/4 court goes over the backboard and you actually go to overtime. 

I will say, the 'was it after the buzzer' was laugh out loud funny though. Dude was just hoping that he was saved by quite literally the bell. He knew he fucked up. That was his only hope, even if it was clear as day it was off well before the buzzer. 

That said, what a ridiculous ending to a game. Not to mention this is the same Taylor team that does Silent Night every year, which is a hit on this here website: 

Pretty tough shot to tie the game up and then just a prayer to win. That alone is probably going viral. But the announcer - again, you have to leave his ass at the gym. That's the reason you lost.