Wait...Shroud Had A Chance To Co-Own 100 Thieves? AND TURNED IT DOWN?!?!

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Dexerto - "At the beginning of 100 Thieves, before 100 Thieves even existed, Matt reached out to me and he was talking with me and wanted me to be part of the process, part of the upcoming of 100 Thieves," he said. "He asked me to be part of the co-ownership and whatnot...I honestly said 'I'm lazy bro, I can't put in work,'" he said, laughing. "I pretty much told him I don't want to work because I don't want to truly give input on any decision, that would be too much work for me."

This is kinda nuts to me. Granted, I wasn’t even following these guys back when this conversation was had; I didn’t really get into eSports and streaming until around the time Fortnite booming. Back then, Nadeshot was leading OpTic’s Call of Duty team to championship after championship and Shroud was on Cloud9’s Counter-Strike squad. Now, both are “semi-retired” from eSports leagues and both are millionaires in the video game streaming industry. Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves are one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, partnered with Drake, Dan Gilbert, and Taylor Swift’s arch nemesis Scooter Braun. And Shroud became one of the top earning streamers in the world to the point where he signed a multimillion dollar deal with Mixer last year to basically do whatever the fuck he wants.

I do wonder though, do you think Shroud regrets his decision? Like I’m sure he’s very happy with his life right now, but do you ever think he sees what 100 Thieves are doing that he wishes he could go back and accept Nadeshot’s offer? I mean I think the Cash App Compound and new merch are fucking sick and I would in a heartbeat accept an offer to work there. But then again, maybe Nadeshot also looks at Shroud’s independent lifestyle free of the obligations of being an owner and is envious as well? I don’t know. Maybe “the grass is greener on the other side” doesn’t matter to millionaires. Because the grass is money. They just grow money. By playing video games. For their career. godimsofuckingjealous.

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