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It's Official - Team Barstool Is The Favorite To Win 500K In "The Tournament"

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Basketballinsiders – In two and a half weeks, “The Basketball Tournament” will get underway. This is a brand new, single-elimination tournament that will feature 32 teams competing for a $500,000 prize at Philadelphia University. Any team can enter, and the tournament has attracted a number of former NBA and NCAA players. Some of the notable players competing in The Basketball Tournament this June include Josh Selby, Dahntay Jones, Hakim Warrick, Sean Singletary, Rashad McCants, Smush Parker, Josh Boone, Quincy Douby, Shavlik Randolph, Andre Barrett, Chris Wright, Tony Gaffney, Austin Freeman, Ryan Wittman, Aquille Carr, Marshall Henderson, Edgar Sosa and Lenzelle Smith Jr. Scottie Reynolds, Dante Cunningham and the 2009 Villanova Final Four team will reunite for The Basketball Tournament. The 2010 Cornell Sweet 16 team will also be participating, along with teams from Wisconsin, Temple, Princeton, Maryland and Notre Dame. As of right now, the frontrunner to win the tournament appears to be “Team Barstool” since they have five former NBA players (Jones, Douby, Boone, Randolph and Barrett) as well as former NCAA players Matt Walsh (Florida) and Justin Burrell (St. John’s).

I absolutely get a kick out of how when anybody talks about “The Tournament”  they refuse to acknowledge that Big Cat and I are actually active players on this roster. Ask Tony Scheffler what happened last time we were overlooked like this?  I’ll tell you what happened.. I rained like 8 straight jumpers in his face and basically forced him to retire from the NFL. Either way good to see we’re the favorites. I’d expect nothing less. Oh and in case you’ve been living in a cave Smitty and his big mouth got Barstool Philly a 1 way ticket to eliminationville in the first round. Long story short the top 4 teams with the most fan votes got to pick who they play first. I was asked to represent Team Barstool at the live draft by our GM. He told me specifically pick a team called Suds and Duds or something. Smitty heard him tell me that and started talking all sorts of junk about how we were afraid to play them. Fine Smitty. You mess with the bull you get the horns. First round exit for you it is.


PS – It’s kind of funny we’re about to win 500K in a couple weeks. Money loves money. The best part is the final game location is up to the team again with the most fans. So basically we’re probably playing at Phillips Park in Swampscott and then throwing a party at the Porthole after.