This Throwback Picture Of The Two Guy's In The British Open Final Pairing Tomorrow Is Glorious

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.35.06 AM


I don’t know anything about art, but that right there is art.  At least to me.  A throwback picture of a chubby Rory McIlroy and a prep school faced Rickie Fowler.  Glorious.  They’re in the final paring of the British Open tomorrow and it should be a great show…….I think.  Rory turned it on on the back 9 today with two eagles and is 6 strokes up on Fowler so we might be headed for a “Who’s playing for second?” situation but I hope not.  If nothing else I’m excited to watch two of the young guns of golf (both in their mid-twenties) battle it out on Sunday for a major. Like it or not, Rickie is one of the most (if not the most) important USA golfer right now because he’s so fucking popular despite only having one victory here in the States and no majors.  Him winning a major would turn him into a super star.  Rory winning the British Open would leave him with three majors (only missing a green jacket) at the young age of 25.  And for the people who always say, “I only watch golf when Tiger is playing well.  That’s the only time it’s interesting” can eat a bag of dicks.  There’s so many young interesting names in golf that I’ll no longer accept that line of thinking.  I’m pumped for tomorrow.


Oh, and Wozniacki don’t you dare send Rory a “good luck tomorrow :)” text.  Don’t do it.

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