A Celtics Assistant Coach Got Hit With A 15 YEAR NCAA Penalty For Taking At Least $250,000 From A 'Recruit's' Dad When He Was Penn's Head Coach

[Source] - The NCAA has hit former Penn coach and current Celtics assistant coach Jerome Allen with one of the longest show-cause penalties it has ever doled out — 15 years —  after it found he violated NCAA ethical conduct rules by accepting $250,000 from the father of a prospective player. Allen was Penn's head coach from 2009-2015 before joining the Boston Celtics. 

Gonna go ahead and chalk this up to what I assume should be a crazy story but it's college sports, so probably not. Also just showing how outrageous the NCAA is - they handed just a 10 year show-cause penalty to Dave Bliss. Remember Dave Bliss? 

If not, he was Baylor's head coach who really was just a gigantic piece of shit. Patrick Dennehy (a star on the Baylor roster) was shot to death by teammate Carlton Dotson, while head coach Dave Bliss covered the murder up because he was trying to make sure no one found out he was paying Dennehy’s tuition. If that’s not enough Bliss tried to publicly portray Dennehy as a drug dealer to explain how he paid for his tuition.

He got less than this! 

Now I will say, the quotes from this bribe is hilarious. While Allen ended up doing some training in Florida and went to Heat games and got some money, this is how he explained the kid: 

"I just didn't think he was good enough," Allen testified during the trial. "He was 5-foot-8, wasn't overly athletic. He could handle the ball fairly well, and in my opinion at that time, he wasn't good enough to help our program win."

Imagine being labeled not athletic enough for the Ivy League. I mean we all know what he's trying to say here as he says 'he was 5'8", not overly athletic, but he handled the ball well!' Just an all-time quote to explain why this kid sucks at basketball and you didn't want him on Penn's roster. But then he did this: 

In the fall of 2014, Allen still put Morris Esformes on a list of priority recruits and slotted him for one of two spots for admission at the prestigious Wharton School of Business.

Yeah, that'll do it. Ultimately the penalty doesn't matter because it's clear Allen doesn't want to come back to college hoops. He'll just hang out as an assistant in the NBA until he's done, which makes the NCAA trying to hammer people even more hilarious. 

Also - we're not going to lie and say that taking these bribes is a no-brainer right? Almost everyone is going to say yes to that.