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The Redskins Are Meeting With Joe Burrow And Tua Which Is Obviously Exactly What They Should Be Doing

Lots of chatter about this and I'm here to provide the rational, correct opinion on Ron Rivera meeting with both Burrow and Tua- he should be. That's it, that's the correct opinion. If Ron Rivera was not meeting with both QBs, evaluating them, and learning who they are, he would not properly be doing his job.

I am a huge Haskins supporter. His numbers at Ohio State were outrageous, and he looked pretty good in the last 2 games he started last season. Haskins gets A TON of unwarranted hate online. It's actually crazy how much people shit on him for absolutely no reason, especially when he was playing last year with no real offensive line or WR weapon outside of McLaurin. He was trying to make chicken pot pie out of chicken shit and he made a decent pot pie in the end. If given a couple more weapons especially a pass-catching TE and an o-line who can block, I think he can be a very good QB.

But that being said, crazy things can happen. What if Burrow has publicly said he would sign with the Bengals but privately has zero fucking desire to sign there, the Skins need to be prepared. If god forbid something happens to Chase Young between now and the draft, the Skins need to be prepared. If Detroit offers a package of picks and players that you absolutely 100% cannot turn down in order to move up one spot, the Skins need to be prepared.

I am in love with Chase Young. I think he's such a no-brainer at number 2. But the Skins can't publicly say that. Ron and co have to do their homework on everyone, study every possibility, and make the decision that's best for the team. If it ends up they can get a high pick for Haskins and they want Tua, it's at least something the team needs to prepare for and be ready for.

I think ultimately the Skins still get Chase Young and Haskins throws for 3600 yards next season. But I appreciate the team doing their due diligence and attacking the draft from all angles. That's the way good franchises operate, and slowly we might actually become one of those.