It's 2019 All Over Again: Giancarlo Stanton Has a Calf Strain And Will Probably Miss The Start Of The Regular Season

I actually thought that was a prank tweet by Hoch. Like there's just no fucking way Giancarlo Stanton strained another muscle again. We have another significant injury on our hands and it's not March yet. 

Aaron Hicks Tommy John.

Luis Severino Tommy John.

James Paxton cyst surgery. 

Giancarlo calf strain. 

Like what the fuck is happening here people? How can a team continue to be this hurt? It defies the laws of science and biology. These guys aren't even getting injured in games either, it's during workouts. All these guys just showed up to Tampa, Florida riddled with issues. Judge too although his seems to be fine and will be good to go for Opening Day, but still.

It really does speak to the theory of the whole body building workout strategy being bad for a baseball player. Look at guys like Judge, Giancarlo, and Voit. They're built like trucks. Like football players. But they constantly have these random strains and pulls with their muscles. You look at guys like DJ LeMahieu and Gleyber Torres and they're never bothered by anything. I'm not saying Giancarlo should get fat (maybe he should?), but maybe work in a cheeseburger or two here and there? 

It's frustrating is what it is. All I want to see is Giancarlo on the field for a full season mashing baseballs. Am I really asking for much? I'm exhausted over here getting injury update after injury update. I didn't even get bad when I got the alert. I was just tired. No team seems to go through this shit but the Yankees. It's insane. 

At this point does Giancarlo have to transition to becoming a full time DH? I know he's only 30, but he kinda has to right? Andujar played today in left and did a fine job. It was a small, but important step. Him feeling comfortable out there and doing a serviceable job is pretty important over the next month. If you can avoid DHing Miggy and have him playing in the field that's best case scenario. You want his bat in the lineup no doubt about it and you need G to stay healthy. Just have to hope Andujar can work his ass off and get the job done. I have some blind hope in him actually, I don't know why. 

Can we actually send Gerrit Cole on vacation until Opening Day. Zero baseball activities. Nothing. Surround him with Seal Team Six and make sure nothing goes wrong.