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Andre Ethier Played Special Agent Johnny Utah in Point Break Live


Yahoo – The MLB Fan Cave exists, in large part, to create moments like this: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier on Monday afternoon played Keanu Reeves’ legendary character Johnny Utah in “Point Break LIVE,” a stage adaptation, of sorts, of the movie “Point Break.” Since this is a Fan Cave production, expect video evidence of Ethier’s performance at some point. He’ll be good and we’ll be all, like, “Whoa!”


First of all this is awesome. Second of all that’s an awesome tshirt from Ethier.  I wonder where the fuck he got it?  Don’t want it.  Need it.  (UPDATE – I found the shirt. You can buy it here.  I already bought 6 of them)  Third of all find me a bigger undercover Stoolie than Andre Ethier. You can’t.  And not only a huge undercover Stoolie, but arguably the sexiest Stoolie of them all.

PS – Somewhere in a dark room Big Cat just slammed his fist on an oak desk with a painting of Sharpie hanging from the wall behind him.