Steve Blake Is Trending On Twitter Because This Clip Of Him Squaring Up At Practice Is Making The Rounds Again (And It's His Birthday Too)

There are few people I regard as absolute legends. Ovi. Colt McCoy. Scherzer. And the combo of Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. Dixon and Blake (along with that entire 2002 National Championship team) made me fall in love with college hoops. I miss being in the ACC so much because of those intense rivalry games with Duke. There is nobody I hated more than Shane Battier from that god damn Miracle Minute. And then JJ Redick came along and I'm not sure I've ever had hate in my heart as pure as that.

But on the flip side, the love in my heart for that '02 team is equally as pure. Mouton, Dixon, Nicholas, Blake, Randle, Baxter, Holden, and Wilcox. So deep, so good. I wish we had another season of Chris Wilcox at Maryland because he was such a freaking monster, I am almost positive he would have been player of the year had he returned to school, but instead he jumped to the NBA (a lottery pick by the Clippers, no less) and had a 13 year career.

But Steve Blake. Not enough good things can be sad about that bad motherfucker. Three words: OH HE STEAL.

Suck it Jay Williams. 

So happy birthday to Steve Blake. 40 years old and to circle back to the top video, a bad motherfucker. An absolute legend indeed.