Tim Tebow Set To Play For Team Philippines In World Baseball Classic

What a fucking wild tweet to come across my timeline. This man has been with the Mets since 2016 and it seems like just yesterday Tim Tebow finally did something noteworthy for the Mets.

Oh, wait, that was yesterday. He finally got an XBH in spring training. Hooray!! Sure, it was a meaningless home run down a million runs in the sixth inning of a spring training game but you gotta take em where you can get em I suppose. What's that? Now you're invited to the World Baseball Classic to play for... the Philippines?? Maybe if I send some of my wiffleball highlights to a random country I can get a spot on a WBC roster too. 

This caught me so off guard I had to double-check that it wasn't some troll job. Turns out Tim was born in the Philippines, so I guess it checks out.

Not to rain on anyone's parade but there is no chance Tim Tebow deserves to be near a baseball field. He hasn't been good in the minors and there have been four different managers (Collins, Callaway, Beltran, Rojas) since the Mets signed Tebow and he hasn't even come close to sniffing the major league field. They only keep him in the organization because he's a novelty of sorts and quite frankly that isn't fair to Tim. He deserves better.

I guess it's just another way to get viewers to watch the WBC because honestly there aren't many people who care about it at all. So why not throw Tebow in the mix?

PS - I don't hate Tebow per se but when the Jets signed him way back in 2012, I've really started to dislike him. Doesn't mean he isn't a content machine though.