THIS LEAGUE: Stock Car Driver Gets Ratio'd On Twitter, Wakes Up And Proceeds To Blame Husband For Sending Tweet

This past weekend, Angela Ruch had a tough time on the track. Her attempt to qualify went about as poorly as qualifying can go.

As a response, former stock car driver Parker Kligerman tweeted this out:

Angela Ruch was SO angered by this that she took 4 days to reply:

This caused quite the stir on NASCAR Twitter. Pretty much nobody likes Angela Ruch, and this attempt at English did not meet their standards:


There are over 450 replies to that tweet. If you want to read every single one, you can go ahead and do that. 

Just like Angela doesn't know how to keep her car on the track during qualifying, it appears she doesn't know how Twitter works. It appears she woke up this morning to a zillion Twitter notifications calling her out for her response to Parker. What did she do? Naturally, she blamed her husband:

She then dropped her husbands @ to direct all their complaints to him!

Absolutely unreal! 


Who knows if her husband actually sent the tweet. I guess it's possible? I could never imagine giving my Twitter password to my significant other unless I'm looking for a divorce. 

The two of them appear together on their reality show The Ruch Life. 

I guess this could be a plot for the next season? Wouldn't be the worst version of reality TV out there.

P.s. Hailie Deegan would NEVER do this. I know that for sure.