George Springer Tried To Shut Up Booing Mets Fans By Hitting A Ball To Saturn, Instead Was Forced To Take A Knee After Swinging Out Of His Shoes

Damn it feels good for the Mets to finally come out on the good side of this Astros scandal. From what I can tell, nobody on the Mets was asked to apologize for what happened on the field today and no managers will be fired before they manage their first game. So I'm gonna put this one in the books as a W for the Metropolitans for making George Springer look silly during a Spring Training game and restoring a bit of baseball's soul by getting one over on those meanie Astros. You are welcome, baseball world.

I also have to tip my cap to the Mets fans for putting on an absolute clinic in booing. My word. I know even random chit chat can sound loud in a small stadium. But that was a Boo performance usually reserved for true Mets enemies like the Braves, Phillies, and Wilpons. And don't even get me started on the lovely young lady behind home plate.

Justin Wilson may have buckled George Springer's knees. But George Springer's body and spirit were murdered in the batters box by the lady with the midriff shirt with the double barrel boo birds. Goodness gracious, that was the most savage performance I have seen since VinDog's last meme. We are still weeks away from final rosters being set. But I fully expect to see this woman travel north with the Big League club to boo our enemies into their respective graves. 

Whether or not she's booing Edwin Diaz remains to be seen, but today sure as shit didn't make me feel like 2020 is going to be any different than 2019.