UGA's Tucker Bradley Has the Early Lead for Home Run Pimp Job of the Year

Bat flips are all the rage these days. Everybody wants to carry the bat 40 feet down the line and then chuck it into the protective net behind the dugout.

But there's something so subtly majestic about the Ken Griffey Jr. bat drop and watching your tank shot for a couple seconds. Georgia outfielder Tucker Bradley hit a moonshot in the Bulldogs' 15-1 win over Kennesaw State on Tuesday to move himself into the early lead for Home Run Pimp Job of the Year.

You don't need to get into a shot put competition with the baseball bat. Sometimes just dropping the bat at the end of your swing and taking a nice stroll down the line will do the trick. Bradley drops the bat and is in no hurry to get around the bases, which is what vaults his celebration into the top spot of the baseball season so far.

But as an aside, 314 feet down the line with metal bats — even not as powerful as they once were — is ridiculous, but I think I like it. Maybe everybody in college baseball should bring the fences in to make 375-foot homers look like tanks to get ratings up.

Bradley is hitting .485 with four home runs and 13 RBI in Georgia's first nine games after being injured in the opening series of the 2019 season and has the Bulldogs' offense looking like an Omaha contender early in the season.