Man Stabbed With A 21-Inch Samurai Sword After Failing To Buy Weed For His Partner


YPSILANTI, MI – An Ypsilanti man attacked by his partner with a samurai sword was stabbed multiple times for allegedly failing to buy marijuana for his attacker, according to the victim’s statements to police.

Neil Patrick Wasinski, 28, was charged on Jan. 18 with assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting or resisting police after being arrested for attacking her boyfriend Jan. 16 with a 21-inch samurai sword at the Arbor One Apartments in Ypsilanti, records show.

This...seems like overkill. 

Everyone in the world has had a similar thing happen to them. It may not be with marijuana but EVERYONE has had a moment where you ask someone to get something while they were out and they come home empty-handed. It's obviously very infuriating, I'm sure everyone can admit that. Maybe you have a few choice words for the forgetful person, maybe you even guilt them into going back out to get that item.

However, I think the worst possible way to voice your displeasure with this person, is to stab them with a samurai sword. Not only does that totally disregard the task at hand, but it only gets you in more trouble. I mean, now our friend Neil here is gonna go to jail for stabbing someone repeatedly.

Is it really that hard to turn around and go and get the weed? I'm sure that getting the bud a little later is a bit of an inconvenience but so is going to jail for attempted murder. It just blows my mind how irrational some people can be. It makes me wonder if something else happened in the lead up to this because I'm not sure a normal human would just go on a katana swinging rampage.

Also, I never really understood people who decorate their houses with swords. No one on earth needs a 21-inch samurai sword just lying around their house. If you're gonna have a collection of anything, it shouldn't be something that could potentially be your own downfall. It's not like they're actively using them. It's just so they can show their guests how distinguished they are. It oddly reminds me of the episode of the office when everyone went to Gabe's house to watch Glee and he starts flexing on his various knick-knacks from when he studied abroad in Japan. 

Maybe just stick to collecting quarters, people love a good quarter. 

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds to his arm and torso near the armpit. He was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in critical condition where doctors discovered one of his lungs had collapsed in the attack, records show.

Violent people are the worst. Honestly, nothing worse than someone overreacting to a situation with violence. Especially over something as minuscule as this. You can buy weed pretty much anywhere these days so to literally stab your partner of over a year and a half over a little bud is complete and utter lunacy. Now this man has to deal with all sorts of medical bills because someone couldn't get their fix in.

Thankfully, the man who was stabbed wasn't fatally wounded. It just goes to show you can't trust anyone these days. I'm sure he trusted his partner with his life, little would he know he'd be turned into a pin cushion by the very same person. Sad to see that romance is truly dead.