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Joe Lunardi Said He'd Be Better At His Job (Brackets) If He Didn't Have To Be On TV So Much

Joey Brackets is no more. Joey Blames has entered the building. I'll say this - Lunardi has become a brand. He's like post it notes or Netflix. When you hear brackets you think Lunardi. You think about the cave, you think about updating bracketology in July or every day heading into March. Hell, even Dave loves him.

But now I feel like Joey needs to turn completely heel. First we have him ruining a Kentucky's fan life by dropping them from a 3 to 4 seed despite winning at LSU and vs Florida. He made a man call radio to complain directly after getting out of surgery. What kind of animal would do that knowing that Kentucky fans will be the first people to check bracketology after surgery? 

Now that he personally attacked a Kentucky fan, I feel the need to bring this up. I'm not proud to do it. But Joe Lunardi - the bracket cave guy himself - actually is kinda average at bracketology. There's a website called Bracketmatrix that grades out everyone who has been doing this for a few years. There are 133 people they rank - Lunardi is 55th. 55th! The guy with the name Joey Brackets. The guy with a cave. 

And now he's fed up. 

”I’ve said this to my bosses in Bristol, I think I would probably be more accurate if I did more study and less TV."

Joey Lunardi fucking loves brackets. I admire the fact he wants to be right. I can't decide if being on TV as an excuse is a top-1 excuse for being average or Joey Blames here. 

Don't you dare thinking about dropping Kentucky again, Lunardi.